Witch-house night Black Magick debuts at the Burlington on Wednesday, February 22. Credit: Courtesy DJ Satanic Hispanic

If you’re at all like Gossip Wolf, the wrongheaded dummies in the Trump administration have you feeling nostalgic for a time before this new national nightmare—maybe the early 2010s, when witch house was still a thing. This wolf ripped on a few sorta midwestern practitioners of the form (remember Salem?) but actually has a soft spot for the much-maligned, short-lived genre. (It comes with the territory when you really like goth wear and chopped-and-screwed dance music!) Local industrial/vaporwave DJ Satanic Hispanic is launching a witch-house night called Black Magick at the Burlington on Wednesday, February 22. Organizers say there will be live performances from Lake Radio and Vril Ya (the “V” and “a” are triangles, per witch-house tradition), DJ sets from Alpha Omega, Maldicion, and Dyonna Cross, plenty of incense and sage, and a Ouija board. Sounds like these folks know how to “tarot” a party!

On Saturday, February 18, at the Empty Bottle, Thee Benevolent Order of Chicago Record Labels hosts a winter record fair, with more than 20 local labels slinging vinyl and cassettes. The biggest name is probably Trouble in Mind, but you’ve also got contemporary-classical connoisseurs Parlour Tapes, garage mavens Dumpster Tapes and Tall Pat Records, underground-rock experts Maximum Pelt and Eye Vybe, and experimental specialists Hausu Mountain and Moniker. The fair runs from noon to 4 PM, and admission is free.

Chicago noise-rock miscreants Wishgift haven’t released anything since 2011’s single-sided cassette Folk Twain, and this wolf was beginning to wonder if the trio had decided to wait a full decade. Well, no! In fact, Wishgift release a self-titled album on Saturday, February 18. It’s a collaboration between Louisville label Sophomore Lounge and Chicago’s Lake Paradise, and if you preorder the LP from the latter, you also get a cassingle of two previously unreleased Wishgift tracks.  v

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