When Girlpool plays live, all Cleo has is Harmony and all Harmony has is Cleo. The Philadelphia-based duo (by way of LA) consists of just two players: Cleo Tucker on guitar and Harmony Tividad on bass. Both sing in harmony, and neither one sees any need for a drummer. No matter the size of the venue they play, Girlpool inevitably brings feel of intimacy to the space as they rattle through their growing catalog of folk-pop songs. The band’s debut album, Before the World Was Big (Wichita Recordings), arrived at the beginning of June following a strong self-titled EP from last year, and both releases parse out the complications of friendship, femininity, and growing up. The world’s a big place, but it feels a little bit smaller every time Tucker and Tividad play off of each other in the same room.

Sat 10/3, 6 PM, Subterranean, $12, $10 in advance, all ages.