It’s back to fantasy gig posters this week! John Vernon Forbes (of the band Tijuana Hercules, covered in this week’s Gossip Wolf) brings us this tribute to Roy Head, a Texas singer-songwriter best known for his 1965 soul hit “Treat Her Right.” Head’s onstage gyrations and dance moves could look like high-speed advanced yoga, and he often ended up in pretzel-like positions, much to the delight of his fans.

John imagines a Roy Head in-store appearance at Rogers Park record shop Electric Jungle in mid-July. I second that pretzel emotion.

The Reader continues to accept poster submissions for your own fantasy concerts, whether they’re from bands you wish that you could see on the same bill, musicians from across the decades coming together, your current faves playing at a defunct Chicago venue, or any combination of the above.

To participate, please e-mail with your name, contact information, and your original design or drawing (you can attach a JPG or PNG file or provide a download link). We won’t be able to publish everything we receive, but we’ll feature as many as possible while the crisis continues. Your submission can also include a nonprofit, fundraiser, or action campaign that you’d like to bring to the attention of our readers.

Not everybody can make a fantasy gig poster, of course, but it’s simple and free to take action through the website of the National Independent Venue Association—click here to tell your representatives to save our homegrown music ecosystems. And anybody with a few bucks to spare can support the out-of-work staffers at Chicago’s venues—here’s our list of fundraisers. Lastly, don’t forget record stores! The Reader has published a list of local stores that will let you shop remotely.

ARTIST: John Vernon Forbes
FANTASY GIG: Roy Head at the Electric Jungle on Sunday, July 19
NPO TO KNOW: John would like you to donate to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.