Shooter Jennings Credit: Steve Rose

Scoring some big stars, year five of the two-day Moonrunners Festival is a packed affair that will showcase alt-country, rockabilly, bluegrass, outlaw country, and every other nook of Americana and roots music—all of it soaked with a beardy, tattooed flavor. Friday headliner the Legendary Shack Shakers have now been around long enough to justify their name—even as age has left them undimmed—while Saturday brings Shooter Jennings, son of Waylon, who’s an actor and a historian as well as a restless musician who won’t stick to one genre. Returning favorites like Scott H. Biram, Rachel Brooke, Pearls Mahone, the Piss Poor Players, Urban Pioneers, and Last False Hope also offer reliable goods. But the real fun of this festival might be in its sheer creative overload: you’re likely to be running back and forth between the Music Joint and the Rock Club to catch side projects, up-and-comers, and possibly a new favorite you haven’t heard of yet.   v