Malin Akerman, Orlando Bloom, Kate Micucci, and Joe Swanberg at Bric-a-Brac Records with copies of Hello, We're the Lemons Credit: Courtesy James Swanberg's Instagram

Gossip Wolf has been fond of Chicago bubblegum-pop sweethearts the Lemons for almost as long as they’ve been a band, so it’s a pleasure to see their audience grow. Late last week a handful of celebrities “picked up” copies of the band’s brand-new debut LP, Hello, We’re the Lemons, at Logan Square shop Bric-a-Brac: among the folks posing with copies of the album on Instagram were Malin Akerman (Watchmen, Childrens Hospital), Kate Micucci (Garfunkel and Oates), Orlando Bloom (you know, Legolas), and mumble­core auteur Joe Swanberg (brother of the Lemons’ James Swanberg, who’s also the main man of Today’s Hits). Improbably prolific California indie label Burger Records releases the album Fri 2/5, but you can buy it now from Bric-a-Brac or download the whole thing from Bandcamp at

New band alert! Pieholden Suite Sound co-owner Joshua Dumas—one of the talents behind the Chicago Avenue Moon iPhone app that’s been soundtracking rides on the 66 bus for the past few years—has a drony new duo called Mending with crystal-­voiced singer Kate Adams. Fans of Juliana Barwick and Chicago’s Mind Over Mirrors should find plenty of glacial bliss in the two tracks the duo posted to Bandcamp last week; Dumas tells Gossip Wolf they’re already working on a full-length and hope to start playing shows this spring.

Late last week the fine folks at Permanent Records dropped their label’s 50th release, and it’s a doozy—a 40th-­anniversary reissue of the sole album by Zipper, a short-lived fuzz-rock outfit fronted by Fred Cole before he started Dead Moon. The self-titled LP originally came out in 1975, when it was the debut release by Fred and Toody Cole’s Whiz­eagle Records. The new Permanent LP is the first official stateside Zipper reissue, so you’d better believe it’ll fly off the shelf!  v

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