Marías Credit: Meghan Cummings

The songs of the Marías have a laid-back vibe, but every guitar riff feels like it was precisely placed in an artfully curated sonic atmosphere that calls to mind grainy films from the golden age of Hollywood. The Los Angeles-based project of Josh Conway and María—who goes by her first name only in artistic settings, a la Beyoncé—have been breaking hearts with their dreamy psychedelic soul since 2016. In September, the Marías released their second EP, Superclean, Vol. II (on their own Superclean label), and at just over 21 minutes, it leaves the listener wanting more. Singing in Spanish and English, María and Conway hazily harmonize about lovers and longing over a backdrop of velvety, reverb-drenched guitar punctuated by the occasional horn solo. It’s an album to listen to while you daydream about the last person you kissed. Recently, the Marías collaborated with their current tourmates, New York soul-pop band Triathlon, on a single, “Drip.” The track plays to the strengths of both groups, leaning into Triathlon’s R&B sensibilities while simultaneously highlighting the Marías’ soft romanticism. I’m hoping that this collaboration will lead to some live crossover between the two groups on their sharing the bill—fingers crossed.   v

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