Junkyard Samurai Credit: Courtesy the Artist

When Chicago MC Probcause teamed up with local hip-hop duo the Palmer Squares to release an EP as Junkyard Samurai last year, it seemed like a perfect fit. As the Palmer Squares, rappers Acumental and Terminal Knowledge have dropped track after track stuffed with voluble, flamboyant lines delivered with a playful bounce. Probcause can also make his words ricochet like rubber, and his whimsical sensibilities, combined with hard-as-nails rapping, have helped him cross over into EDM—he’s delivered steely performances on overdriven productions by the likes of Griz and Gramatik. On Junkyard Samurai’s self-titled 2018 EP, their voices zoom around one another so cleanly that you could be forgiven for thinking these three kindred spirits have been working together their entire careers. In fact they’ve only recently started collaborating like this, but given how much fun they seem to be having on the recent EP Remask (Spooky Language/Feel Good Music), something tells me they’ll spend the rest of their lives making up for lost time.   v