The Numero Factory Outlet hadn't yet opened when this photo was taken. You're not likely to find it so empty. Credit: Courtesy of Rob Sevier

On Friday, July 8, archival label the Numero Group opens the Numero Factory Outlet, a brick-and-­mortar shop in its Little Village warehouse at 2533 S. Troy. Numero cofounder Rob Sevier says the store will carry the entire Numero catalog, including items otherwise offered only online. “It’s gonna be a pretty relaxed environment,” Sevier says. “If you come in, we’ll be playing test pressings for the next record. It’s part of our workspace.” Numero also plans to roll out items that will only be available at the outlet, including cassette mixtapes and a compilation LP of outtakes and demos. “It’s odds and ends from the history of the label, and pretty minimally packaged,” Sevier says. The shop will eventually host in-stores and parties too. The Numero Factory Outlet is open Fridays from noon till 8 PM.

Bay Area artist Lucien Shapiro makes masks and weapons that look ancient but modern—Gossip Wolf can’t help but think of postapocalyptic toughs wearing beautiful headgear and toting jeweled bats and knives. His new performance, Fear Collecting Ritual: A Fool’s Journey, hits Humboldt Park space Silent Funny on Sunday, July 10. It features a trio of intertwined short films, an interactive ritual where Shapiro says the audience can “discover that the light we seek simply exists within ourselves,” and sets from synth maven Brett Naucke (accompanying the ritual) and ambient artist Lykanthea.

Gossip Wolf recently got turned on to “Rooftops,” the debut single from Chicago pop duo Vesper. This wolf isn’t sure when singer Samantha Humphreys met producer Professor Fox (Chance the Rapper, Mac Miller), but to judge from the smoldering, sometimes somber, and entirely triumphant sound of “Rooftops,” they could’ve been working together for ages. They made their forthcoming album, Teeth, in three months—it’ll be released as a series of three EPs. Vesper open for Emilie Brandt at Lincoln Hall on Saturday, July 9.  v

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