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DJ Tudo

Deolinda Though this remarkable Portuguese quartet plays fado, the national style of its homeland, it breaks with tradition in several ways. Most groups with a singer as powerful as Ana Bacalhau would simply travel under her name, but Deolinda maintain a band identity, emphasizing their collective approach. They play original material composed by guitarist Pedro da Silva Martins, not standards, and instead of focusing on songs that convey saudade—the sense of melancholy longing that’s one of fado’s defining characteristics—they take on a wide range of topics, from the distractions of contemporary life to the euphoric sense of promise that a smile from a passing man can inspire. On its new second album, Dois Selos e Um Carimbo (Four Quarters), the group sticks close to traditional instrumentation—two acoustic guitars and an upright bass—but branches out in other ways, adding harmony vocals, pop-flavored melodies, or a touch of flamenco. It’s not easy to refashion a genre as hallowed as fado without losing the ineffable essence at its heart, but Deolinda do it so well they’ve become stars in the country that birthed the style. —PM

Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew

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Deolinda See above.

7 PM | Instituto Cervantes

Nömadak TX film screening (about Oreka TX)

8 PM | Mayne Stage | $12, $10 in advance, 21+

Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew

DJ Tudo

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The Shuk

Tum Balalaika

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Opposition Party

Magic Carpet

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