Friday, March 4, is the 20th installment of what’s become known as Bandcamp Friday, when Bandcamp passes along its usual share of revenue to the independent artists and labels selling music through the site. But that occasion was overshadowed somewhat this morning, when Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond announced that the company is “joining” Epic Games. “Bandcamp will keep operating as a standalone marketplace and music community, and I will continue to lead our team,” he wrote. 

I’ve long admired Bandcamp in part because it had remained independent for so long, and because it had dodged the pitfalls that had wrecked so many tech companies. Diamond’s message includes assurances that the public-facing structure of Bandcamp will remain the same, at least for now, but because we don’t know the details of the “partnership” between Bandcamp and Epic, we can only speculate about the music site’s future. 

As Reader music editor Philip Montoro and veteran indie rocker Damon Krukowski have already pointed out on Twitter, multinational Chinese tech company Tencent has a 40 percent stake in Epic Games. According to Tech in Asia, Tencent also owns a roughly 10 percent stake in Spotify, as well as 10 percent of Universal Music Group and more than 5 percent of Warner Music Group. All we can do is hope that Bandcamp will remain the artist-forward music marketplace we love—and that it’ll retain its brave, inclusive, and intelligent music journalism at Bandcamp Daily.

For now at least, we can keep enjoying Bandcamp Fridays. Every time one has rolled around, the Reader has compiled a list of the music available on Bandcamp that our writers have recently covered. Last month’s list has a link to December’s roundup, which in turn includes links to all the previous lists. These posts are as much a means to encourage you to seek out new music as they are an easy excuse to remind you of the breadth of the Reader’s recent coverage of the constantly shifting music world. Click on the title of a release to see what we had to say, and happy listening!

Susan Alcorn, Soledad

La Armada, Anti-Colonial Vol. 2

Avantist, “Dead”

Bam Bam, Villains (Also Wear White)

Nate Barksdale & Chong Wizard, The Colors I’ve Never Seen

Boo Baby, The Opening Band

Cheer-Accident, Here Comes the Sunset

Laura Cocks, Field Anatomies

Divino Niño, “Drive”

Jordan Dykstra / Koen Nutters, In Better Shape Than You Found Me

Ensemble dal Niente, Confined. Speak.

Everson Poe, The Night Country

Julius Hemphill, Mingus Gold: Better Get Hit in Your Soul

Hollyy, If You’re Ever Lost

Dreamer Isioma, Goodnight Dreamer

Syl Johnson, Complete Mythology

Juzer, Layer of Moleman

Kailyn, Synthesis

Kaina, It Was a Home

Jeff Kimmel & Ryan Packard, Contrast Shifting

Matchess, Sonescent

Mitski, Laurel Hell

Otherpeace, Capitalism + Conviction EP

Matt Pike, Pike vs the Automaton

Scott Plant, Alone / With Us

Poison Arrows, War Regards

Post Office Winter, Songs for a Scientist

Radkey, “Games (Tonight)”

Royal Arctic Institute, From Catnap to Coma

Elena Setién, Unfamiliar Minds

Alison Shearer, View From Above

Sidaka, Coming Back Home

Sirr TMO, 888 (Infinity)

Stander, Vulnerable

Macie Stewart & Lia Kohl, Pocket Full of Bees

Sweeping Promises, Pain Without a Touch

Kurt Vise, Retrieve the Earth Elements and Escape the Gray

Warm Human, Hold Music