The Thons' parents are no doubt very proud of them. Credit: Blake Rose

The Thons have been kicking around Chicago for a couple years, whipping up a rollicking brew of gnarly postpunk and adroit garage rock. They’ve released a few albums, but so far they’ve all been digital only: 2013’s Raw Real Rock and 2014’s Thirty Foot Snake are name-your-price downloads on Bandcamp, and this year’s Hot Fun is a measly $6. Now the Thons are finally giving all three full-lengths a physical form—specifically, cassettes! You can grab one (or all three) when the guys play the Burlington on Friday, September 25. The stacked lineup also includes Mama, Strawberry Jacuzzi, and Frozen Pizza Disaster, a jangly garage outfit celebrating the cassette release of this spring’s Crust Hunks EP.

Looking for some gnarly south-side punk rock in the afternoon? Gossip Wolf has just the thing! At 2 PM on Saturday, September 26, the Chicago Public Library’s Back of the Yards branch (2111 W. 47th St.) throws a rock-and-art show called “Noise + Visions.” Neighborhood three-piece Fast Decay plays, and the library displays work by Mexican artist Leo Albizo. The show is free and all ages, and Mama Wa Cakes will give away cake pops (they’ll go fast!).

Tradition says that gifts for a seventh anniversary should be of wool or copper. Hunting sheep is rough in Chicago, but on Thursday, September 24, this wolf will bring a sack of old pennies to Logan Square cocktail joint the Whistler to help it mark that milestone! That night, the bar will serve a free meal of pork and slaw on the back patio, pour a special cocktail menu of “greatest hits,” and bring in a slew of former bartenders to take turns DJing. Also, the Whistler’s groovy in-house record label will give away seven-inches at the door! Maybe those pennies won’t be necessary after all?  v

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