Tossers Credit: Natalie O'Donnell

You might already know that Chicago’s premier Celtic-punk band the Tossers—our own south-side Pogues kin who predate fellow travelers like the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly by several years—put on a rip-roaring Saint Patty’s Day show every year at Metro, and that they’ve been around nearly a quarter century now, honing their showmanship over countless live gigs. But you might not know that they just dropped Smash the Windows (Victory), their first record since 2013’s The Emerald City and only their fifth studio album overall. It does not disappoint: together its sprawling 17 tracks, including a take on “Danny Boy” and a seven-minute version of “The Foggy Dew,” purport to be an epic about the Irish immigrant experience. Hopped-up crowd-pleasers like “Smash the Windows” and “Drinking All the Day” fit with rough-edged melancholy numbers like “My Love” and the eerie “Resurrection Mary,” which retells the urban legend of the disappearing hitchhiker. The Duggins brothers and their band of subversive traditionalists bring out all the best of the genre—their punk rebellion is inspired by centuries of history, and the wistful sentimentality feels well earned.   v