Since the start of the pandemic, Bandcamp has passed along its usual share of sales revenue to artists and labels 17 times, usually on the first Friday of the month. You probably already knew that, since you clicked on a story about the 18th such Bandcamp Friday—but you might not be aware that the site hasn’t announced any future Bandcamp Fridays after this one. Will it be the last? Don’t read too much into that silence. Bandcamp Fridays might skip a month or two before returning, as they have in the past, but they’ve been happening pretty consistently for nearly two years now. Just because there hasn’t been an announcement about the next run weeks in advance doesn’t mean one isn’t on the way.

As I have for all past Bandcamp Fridays, I’ve put together a list of music you can buy on the site that’s recently been covered in the Reader—to see what our writers had to say, click on the titles of the releases below. If you feel like embarking on a serious Bandcamp shopping binge, you can also revisit the lists from November, October, and September; the one from August includes links to all the previous Bandcamp Friday posts. 

Among & Comforting, “Boca”

Arcadia Grey, Konami Code

Baroness, Live at Maida Vale—Vol. II

Bleach Party, “Throwing a Punch in a Dream”

Olivia Block, Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea

Blush Scars, Mirror, Mirror

Circuit des Yeux, -io

Desert Liminal, Glass Fate

Dwaal Troupe, Lucky Dog

Easter, Demonstration

Ben LaMar Gay, Open Arms to Open Us

Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly, Soak

Mick Jenkins, Elephant in the Room

Kirby Grip, Portrait of Bliss

Life, Demo One, Demo Two, and Demo Four

Ty Maxon, “Dagger”

Makaya McCraven, In the Moment and Universal Beings

Miirrors, “Gunshot Glitter”

Narrow Head, Satisfaction

Nnamdï, Are You Happy

Nequient, Collective Punishment

Portrayal of Guilt, Christfucker

Charles Rumback, Seven Bridges

Sadness, April Sunset; Close; I Want to Be There; Motionless, Watching You; Rain Chamber; and Untitled

Elenna Sindler & Hasco Duo, Lullaby Baby

Squid, Bright Green Field

Stark, Stark

Tasha, Tell Me What You Miss the Most

Daniel Wyche, Earthwork

ZRL, Our Savings