Thee Casual Hex Credit: Maggie Mcinerney (@margesux)

Nothing has made me feel quite as old and irrelevant as my 15-year-old son telling me he hates the Beatles. He insists that their music is simplistic, boring, and unlistenable; he’d rather listen to current-day genre-bending experimental groups such as clipping., Watsky, and Igorrr. But if the Fab Four are no longer cutting-edge, no one told Chicago rockers Thee Casual Hex (not to be confused with Seattle postpunk band Casual Hex). Their 2018 self-titled debut on Midwest Action sports red, flowery, psychedelic cover art and equally retro hooks. Album highlight “When I Was With You” shamelessly cribs a guitar riff from “Day Tripper”—because if you can crib from “Day Tripper,” why wouldn’t you? Alice Karynak’s vocals are mixed a bit further down than they would’ve been back in the day, which gives the song a rough-and-ready punk feel as the bandmates lean their heads together to add those familiar vocal harmonies. “I Want to Be Loved” gets its licks from “Taxman” and the heavier, more stoned end of the 60s, while “Delilah” throws some Jefferson Airplane influence into the mix. I doubt my son would be won over, but for those of us who still have some affection for John, Paul, George, and Ringo, it’s nice to hear a young band keeping the spirit of the music—not to mention its rubber soul—alive.  v