Since the pandemic uprooted . . . well, everything, almost every month Bandcamp has passed along its usual share of sales to artists and labels for one full day. By mid-2020, the first Friday of the month had more or less become “Bandcamp Friday,” and it was one of the few routines that gave me something to look forward to when nothing else felt dependable—not least because musicians started playing to the occasion with special releases. As of this writing, Bandcamp hasn’t announced any Bandcamp Fridays beyond May 7, so if there’s a record on the site that you’ve had your eye on, this Friday may be the best day to pick it up.

If you don’t already have your own list of Bandcamp releases to buy—heck, even if you do!—I’d invite you to find your next favorite album or artist in this roundup of Reader coverage that features music available on the platform. I’ve been making these for a while, so if you want to keep digging once you’re done here, start with the three lists from 2021 (for February, March, and April), then move on to the nine from 2020 (March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December). I hope you hear something irresistible.

Årabrot, Norwegian Gothic

Bad Noids, Live WFMU Jersey City

Big|Brave, Vital

Bil Vermette, Hunting for Planet 9

Bongzilla, Weedsconsin

George Arthur Calendar, Paradox

Composuresquad, Auto D.

Gustavo Cortiñas, Desafío Candente

Andrew CS, *

D2X, The Color Blue

Defcee & Nick Arcade, Ceenick (Deluxe Edition)

Eleventh Dream Day, Since Grazed

F.A.B.L.E., Duckweed (A Hermit’s Odyssey)

Fancy Macho, Fancy Macho

Fauvely, Beautiful Places

Helena Ford, Wir Brauchen Angst. Und Schade.

Lauren Sarah Hayes, Manipulation

Mohawk Johnson, 4Closure, Fire-Type, Mojo, The Relapse EP

Jupiter & Okwess, Na Kozonga

Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble, Now, Where Future Unfolds

Me & E, Rap

Mia Joy, Spirit Tamer, Gemini Moon

Moontype, Bodies of Water

Mosaic Soul, Blessed

Mother Nature, Sznz

Mythic Sunship, Wildfire

Natural Information Society with Evan Parker, Descension (Out of Our Constrictions)

Pansy, Pansy

Pseudo Slang & Pawcut, Live From the Qtine

Ratboys, Happy Birthday, Ratboy

Serpentwithfeet, Deacon

Silent, Modern Hate

El Sombrero del Abuelo, Las Flores del Ahora

Wadada Leo Smith, Douglas R. Ewart, and Mike Reed, Sun Beans of Shimmering Light

Sunny War, Simple Syrup

Tomahawk, Tonic Immobility

Nicolas Tourney, Drop Shadow on Airport Runway

Ryley Walker, Course in Fable

Writhing Squares, Chart for the Solution  v