Tim Kinsella and Jenny Polus Credit: Evan Jenkins

Joan of Arc founder and vocalist Tim Kinsella and electronic musician Jenny Polus—also known as Jenny Pulse, and previously as Spa Moans—both finished their own album-release and touring cycles a few weeks ago. But instead of relaxing over the holiday season, they’re firing up a brand-new duo project called Good Fuck that combines postindustrial club beats and oddball lyrics—their sound has Gossip Wolf imagining Chris & Cosey hosting a karaoke party in the back of a totally depressing grocery store. “We are enjoying a very lo-fi multimedia set and concentrating on the singing,” says Kinsella. “New songs will definitely involve more performative live elements and improvisations.” Good Fuck will drop their self-titled debut album in February on Joyful Noise, and on Saturday, December 22, they play the Hungry Brain with headliner Jimmy Whispers and DJ sets from Grapetooth.

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It’s been a minute since Gossip Wolf checked in with synth master Alex Barnett. But we’re all in luck! On Thursday, December 20, he plays Sleeping Village as part of a night of outre electronic music, performing songs he’s made under the name Champagne Mirrors; the project’s latest release, a dark, unsettling EP called Countdown to Upgrade, came out on Barnett’s label, Scrapes Recordings, in July. Also on the bill are Los Angeles outfit VSCC and fellow locals Itsi and No Dreams; Beau Wanzer spins between sets.

Gossip Wolf firmly believes that everyone deserves presents during the Official Merriest Time of the Year, and the goons in punky Chicago cock-rock band I Love Rich agree—they don’t even care if you’ve been naughty or nice! On Sunday, December 23, they play their annual Richmass show at Liar’s Club, and they’ve promised gifts for every fan and absolutely no Christmas music. Sharing the bill are the Spanish Flats (with folks from old-school Fireside Bowl bands such as the Mushuganas and the Fighters) and Pink Stink Rails.  v

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