Kinsella alert! A few weeks back, Gossip Wolf got a copy of the new book from Cap’n Jazz and Joan of Arc front man Tim Kinsella. Unlike his previous efforts, All Over and Over is decidedly nonfictional—published earlier this fall, it’s a diary of the final full U.S. tour of his band Make Believe in 2006. This wolf recommends it to anyone who’s ever felt totally human emotions such as alienation, paranoia, and self-doubt—or who’s ever wondered what it’s like to sit in a van for a few months with Sam Zurick. You can get a copy for your bandmate’s stocking from local publisher Featherproof Books, but the title won’t be sold in stores.

Chicago artist Keith Herzik isn’t just the pencil-and-ink dude behind Gossip Wolf’s furry illustrated face (and a bazillion awesome show posters over the years). The Galactic Inmate guitarist is also a hella good musician, and a few weeks ago he and his groovy wife, Gina Herzik, released a slew of lo-fi weirdo jams onto the Internets as Wet Wallet. The short tracks, free on Bandcamp, split the difference between new wave and no wave, and they feature plenty of tape hiss, watery bass, and lusty shouts—this wolf particularly likes “Trucker’s Showers,” despite rarely showering with truckers anymore.

Aggro young emo unit Forfeit released a cassette EP in June called Some Things Just Fall Apart, and they’ve got more music coming in the near future. The members of the band tell this wolf that they just wrapped up a studio session where they recorded five tracks. No word on when the tunes will come out, but here’s hoping Forfeit play some of them when they headline the Burlington on Friday, December 11. The show starts at 9 PM.  v

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