Traxman has been working in juke and footwork for decades, making him one of the longest-serving producers in those genres. Credit: Wills Glasspiegel

To ease the surreal feeling of watching baseball games with no fans in the seats, Gossip Wolf has been searching out new summer pastimes—like laughing at conservative sticks-in-the mud as they freak out about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hilariously raunchy smash “WAP” (and its hilariously raunchy music video). Ben Shapiro‘s epochal self-own (keeping his wife’s “p-word” dry to own the libs!) is even cringier than the clean version of the song, which replaces “wet ass pussy” with “wet and gushy.” Last week, legendary Chicago juke and footwork producer Traxman reacted much more constructively to “WAP”—he remixed the bejesus out of it! In his inimitable style, the master packed the track so full of frenetic, hammering bass drops and clapping, stop-start percussion that it sounds like three amazing songs all blasting at once. “WAP Juked Out” is available free via Bandcamp—bucket and mop not included.

Poster artist Frank Okay has appeared in the Reader‘s Gig Poster of the Week series, and they’ve done some great illustrations for the paper too. Okay also plays music—they used to be in the band Strawberry Pegasus, and lately they’ve been working on solo material. Last weekend they dropped an album called Errors, most of which they’ve written and recorded during the pandemic. Errors is a delightful mish-mash of brazen electro-punk and flamboyant new wave, with a hint of second-wave ska. “Dumkee Frains” sounds like a collaboration between Atom & His Package and LCD Soundsystem—and as unlikely as that combo sounds, Okay nails it!

If you’re looking for new music to get your blood pumping, Heavee has just the thing. On the August 7 “Bandcamp day,” the Teklife producer dropped Trakpak Vol. 5, where he reassembles fragments of footwork, drum ‘n’ bass, Baltimore club, and Jersey club into kaleidoscopic cuts that crackle with more energy than Thor’s socks straight out of the dryer.  v

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