Turnover Credit: Aaron Siow

Virginia Beach’s Turnover and Baltimore’s Turnstile have similar-sounding names, but their approaches to punk are vastly different. On Turnover’s latest full-length, 2017’s Good Nature (Run for Cover), the foursome lay out 11 tracks of intricate but breezy emo-influenced dream-pop with stirring verses that play into big, swing-for-the-cheap-seats choruses. The band’s roots skew toward pop-punk, and over the years it’s been great to hear them cool out and breathe—their latest music showcases their knack for beautiful melody and lush instrumentation. Turnstile operate on the other end of the spectrum: this groovy, rhythmic, hyper-posi hardcore band have been on a seemingly endless tour that started even before they put out their 2015 debut full-length, Nonstop Feeling (Reaper). They’ve established themselves as one of the best live acts in the world, decimating packed houses night after night with their explosive energy and massive riffs. Turnstile shows put into practice the power of positivity, uplifting crowds with the message that everyone should be proud of who they are. The band’s much-hyped second full-length, last year’s Time & Space (Roadrunner), was easily one of the best rock records of 2018, and completely deserves all the accolades it’s picked up.   v