Twista during an interview in March 2016 Credit: Photo for the Sun-Times by Brian Jackson

On Saturday, March 10, the Harold Washington Cultural Center in Grand Boulevard hosts an extravaganza to celebrate Chicago rapper Twista and his “25 years in hip-hop.” Would it be obnoxious to point out that his debut album, Runnin’ Off at da Mouth, actually came out in 1992? And that its single “Mr. Tung Twista” dropped in ’91? In any case, Twista is well worth celebrating, and Saturday’s jam-packed lineup includes more than a dozen rap acts, four of whom will perform full sets: PsychoDrama, Phor, the Boy Illinois, and the man of the hour himself! Twista has another show at the same venue on Saturday, March 17, this time on a bill with Shawnna and the legendary Rakim.

As Well Yells, Patrick Holbrook makes crawling, despondent postgoth and slowcore that sounds like it’s coming from a captive who’s given up on ever escaping from the bottom of Buffalo Bill’s pit in The Silence of the Lambs. Creepy! Fans of trenchcoat fare such as Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Clan of Xymox should dig the gloomy, synthetic atmospheres on Well Yells’ new tape, Skunk, with their drifting synths, brittle guitars, tick-tocking drum machine, and remote, morose vocals. On Tuesday, March 13, Well Yells play a release show at the Hideout with Nonnie Parry and Temp. Skunk doesn’t officially drop till Friday, but you can hear it on Bandcamp now—and check out the video for standout track “Near,” with visuals from Mark Fragassi of Toupee.

Speaking of local goths, this wolf is ride-or-die for Chris Connelly, whose music has grown more and more tuneful since his time in industrial juggernauts Ministry and Revolting Cocks. Last month Connelly dropped a new album called The Tide Stripped Bare (via UK label Armalyte Industries) that’s full of masterfully baroque Bowie-esque pop—no surprise, given that he’s spent the past five years fronting Bowie cover band Sons of the Silent Age, who play Martyrs’ on Saturday, March 24.  v

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