Hamid Drake, Dave Liebman, and Adam Rudolph improvise together on the new album Chi. Credit: Mas Yamagata

Decades of playing together have given percussionists Hamid Drake and Adam Rudolph an almost clairvoyant rapport. They met as teens at a Chicago drum shop, and in the 70s they formed the Mandingo Griot Society with Gambian kora player Foday Musa Suso. Rudolph moved to New York in the 80s, but he and Drake have continued to collaborate, most notably in Moving Pictures. Last May, they recorded improvisations at NYC venue the Stone with saxophonist and flutist Dave Liebman, an NEA Jazz Master whose arid, biting timbres grace fusion-era Miles Davis classics such as On the Corner and Dark Magus (among hundreds of other albums). Last week, UK label Rare Noise Records dropped a full-length from the sessions, Chi, which blends a dizzying array of tones and colors, including Drake’s trap set and booming frame drum and Rudolph’s hand percussion and electronics. On “Emergence,” Liebman’s saxophone and recorder squirt and spray around the duo to hypnotic effect.

Local riff flayers Sacred Monster have been playing their cartoonishly awesome, occult-obsessed thrashy doom metal since 2012, but they’re only now dropping their first full-length! On Friday, March 1, they celebrate the self-released Worship the Weird at Live Wire Lounge. Gossip Wolf is going just to see if “Minister of Screams” Adam Szczygieł always sounds as freakin’ possessed as he does on the brutal stomper “High Confessor”!

In December, label and promoter FeelTrip launched an Indiegogo campaign to cover unforeseen overhead for its new Irving Park record store, No Requests (3358 N. Karlov). Owners David Beltran and Diana Bowden soft launched the shop last week, and they throw a grand-opening party Friday, March 1, with DJ sets by Composure Squad, Equator Club, Johnny Walker, and DJ Hii, drinks by Goose Island and Letherbee, and food by Your Filipina Lola. It’s all free and starts at 5:30 PM.  v

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Correction: This story has been updated to reflect the actual community area in which No Requests is located, rather than the colloquial understanding thereof. Thank you for your patience.