Boris Credit: Miki Matsushima

Japanese metal trio Boris have been at it for nearly 30 years, and over the course of nearly 40 full-length releases and collaborative albums they’ve covered nearly the entire spectrum of loud, harsh, and heavy music. On the band’s latest single, “Love” (the first taste of the upcoming album LφVE & EVφL), they blur the lines separating all the genres they’ve mastered in the past: massive waves of doomy sludge give way to smeared, hazy, psychedelic shoegaze vocals, which makes the track sound crushingly miserable, pensive, and uplifting all at once. Boris aren’t just one of the most prolific bands of this generation, they’re also one of the best—everything they cook up is great, and “Love” is no exception. Opening up for them on tour are New York industrial duo Uniform, aka former Drunkdriver singer Michael Berdan and recording engineer Ben Greenberg (formerly of the Men). Uniform have cultivated a massive output over their five-year career, and their latest release, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back, is their second LP collaboration with fellow experimental noise-metal duo the Body. The record is another dose of blistering, creepy electronic hardcore from two of the best bands in the game right now. Boris and Uniform are both known for massive-sounding, mind-bending performances, so miss this show—or forget your earplugs—at your peril.   v