Mantas Steles, Ari Frank, and Max Jacobson of Tied Credit: Claire Ellen

Chicago dance-music collective Tied (aka Mantas Steles, Max Jacobson, and Ari Frank) have kept busy as DJs, producers, podcasters, and party starters for three years now. This year they were named “Best nomadic collective for weird, druggy, hard-hitting underground techno” in the Reader‘s Best of Chicago issue—no small feat, considering how lonely nomadic lifestyles can be. Just ask your nearest wolf! Tied throw an anniversary party Saturday, November 28—they haven’t announced the location—where they’ll spin and host a five-hour set from Berlin-based house and techno wizard Shaun Reeves. E-mail for tickets, and they’ll let you know where to get down.

Gossip Wolf loves Chicago sibling combo Wild Belle—whose new album, Dreamland, is due in early 2016—but it’s worth remembering that both Elliot and Natalie Bergman played in Nomo, whose sweaty, funky fusion of jazz, electronic music, and Afrobeat turned local clubs into sweaty, funky messes back in the day (aka 2008). Given Wild Belle’s success, you might’ve figured Nomo would be no more, but at Schubas on Saturday, November 28, they’ll play their first show in three years!

Thanksgiving is a time for lots of things, but usually not shows. So thanks to the Promontory for opening its doors Thanksgiving night for the Appreciation Party, headlined by local hip-hop legend Anthony “the Twilite Tone” Khan and friends. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

Last week local underground label Patient Sounds released its final two cassettes of 2015: Hot Rice by Japanese footwork producer Foodman and a split called John Wayne Death Scene from ambient artists Danny Clay and Joseph Edward Yonker.  v

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