Okmoniks Credit: Courtesy the Artist

In a little more than four years, Bric-a-Brac Records, which occupies a cozy storefront on the border between Logan Square and Avondale, has become a crucial part of the local creative community. Owners Nick Mayor and Jen Lemasters have accomplished this in part by hosting a bevy of all-ages shows featuring vital underground rock, punk, garage, and hip-hop acts from across the country and abroad. If for some reason you’ve yet to make it to one (and if you’ve missed Bric-a-Brac’s off-site shows too), the second-annual Scummer Slam is a great way to sample the types of sounds the store traffics in. Among the highlights are Chicago noise makers No Men, Chicago/Beijing indie-pop group KO, mutant Kalamazoo postpunk Erik Nervous, and experimental South African garage duo the Make-Overs. At the top of the bill are Tuscon’s Okmoniks, featuring Justin Champlin (better known as Nobunny) on drums; they deal in jittery rock tunes with an early-60s feel, balancing pop sweetness with a bit of punk spunk. Shows at Bric-a-Brac’s store are usually all ages, but you have to be old enough to drink legally for this one. The organizers are still thinking of the kids, though: they’ll collect donations throughout the day, with all money going to Goethe Elementary School’s music program.   v