Ty Money Credit: Ryan Lowry

Put Ty Money’s recent Cinco De Money 3 mixtape on shuffle and right away you’ll find out what makes the Harvey rapper one of the most exciting voices to recently emerge in the local scene. Following 2016’s solid but inconsistent second installment in his Cinco De Money series, this release is taut and focused, and leaves lots of room for Money to make each beat his plaything. Without fail I return to “Intro,” which isn’t so much a great song as a platform that allows Money to display the depth of his skills in the amount of time it takes to microwave a burrito. About 30 seconds into the track, he completely shifts gears while describing where he shot a rival, landing on each word (hip, groin, arm, leg) so that it fills the space of an entire line. It’s as though he’s slicing through a fleeing enemy with a katana; his lines are swift, exacting, and merciless, and every movement allows us to peek at the insides of the song even as it’s moving. Money is tough, but part of what makes him hit so hard is his ability to portray his own multitudes—he’ll show care for others in the same breath as he vanquishes enemies. A large chunk of “Intro” features shout-outs to some of the toughest female MCs in Chicago, including Chella H, Queen Key, and Chin Chilla Meek. Chicago, in turn, has shown love to Money: Cinco De Money 3 includes a recording of Twista extolling his skills, and the single “Yes or No” features the first postprison appearance by the legendary Bump J.   v