A panel from How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up? Credit: Courtesy Andy Slater / Illustrated by Steve Krakow

Gossip Wolf is a longtime fan of Andy Slater, leader of funky rock outfit the Velcro Lewis Group. Not only is he one of the city’s most entertaining front men, he’s also just written his first comic! Slater is legally blind, and his Jack Chick-style tract How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up? (illustrated by Secret History of Chicago Music creator Steve Krakow) doubles as a guide for dealing respectfully with the disabled. You can expect it to be funny, sad, and full of #realtalk. On Saturday, November 21, at 7 PM, Quimby’s hosts a free release party that features a reading from artist Marisa Choate and Slater’s homemade chili.

Jerome Derradji of Chicago’s Still Music is preparing a big cluster of re­issues devoted to the 70s and 80s output of Larry Dixon and his funk label, LAD Productions. “Larry’s kind of the missing link in the story of soul-­boogie funk and disco in Chicago,” he says. Past Due Records, Still Music’s boogie-­funk imprint, will release a box of ten seven-­inches, a four-LP set, and more—the material has just been re­mastered, and Derradji hopes to have it out early next year.

Streets and Soul, a monthly night of hip-hop, spoken word, and soul, returns to Lilly’s on Friday, November 20, with a benefit show celebrating the 12 activists whose 34-day hunger strike helped reopen Dyett High School on the southeast side. Proceeds go toward the campaign of Kenwood Oakland Community Organization executive director Jay Travis, who’s running for state representative in the 26th District. Fellow KOCO member Jitu tha Jugganot, one of the Dyett 12 and a member of Ten Tray—the first Chicago hip-hop group to release a major-label album—leads the party. Cover is $8 and the fun starts at 8 PM.  v

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