Wendy Eisenberg Credit: Courtesy the Artist

Massachusetts guitarist Wendy Eisenberg has only been releasing music under their own name for two years, but they have already amassed a discography so diverse that no genre can claim them. On their debut, Time Machine (HEC Tapes, reissued on LP by Feeding Tube), they sound like a bedroom-based singer-songwriter who honed their vocal chops singing along with Robert Wyatt and Caetano Veloso records. And on the instrumental power-trio recording The Machinic Unconscious (Tzadik), where they’re joined by drummer Ches Smith and bassist Trevor Dunn, they sound like Nels Cline mashing up the Melvins and harmolodic jazz. Late last year Eisenberg released a solo acoustic album called Its Shape Is Your Touch (VDSQ), where they play winding, melodic compositions, but their newest LP, Nervous Systems (Versus), made with Ahleuchatistas guitarist Shane Parish, is full of jagged improvisations that expand and contract like animated fractals. Eisenberg has played Chicago with various bands, most recently the Flying Luttenbachers, but this concert is their local solo debut. They plan to play some solo compositions and songs as well as some narrative, text-based pieces that reflect their interest in poetry.   v