Bitchin Bajas
Bitchin Bajas Credit: Courtesy the artist

For the past decade, local trio Bitchin Bajas have exemplified the virtues of patience and versatility. All three members play synthesizers, Cooper Crain and Daniel Quinlivan play organ, and Rob Frye plays woodwinds and percussion. They create plush, pulsing instrumentals with melodies that evolve at such a leisurely pace that you might not notice the changes as they occur—though you’ll definitely feel like you’ve been taken somewhere by the time the tune ends. As flexible as Bitchin Bajas are on their own, they’re also malleable collaborators. They’ve created a suitably aquatic soundtrack for Olivia Wyatt’s 2015 documentary, Sailing a Sinking Sea; melded into the spiritual trance vibe of Natural Information Society; transformed themselves into an AACM-inspired jazz group on Frye’s recent solo LP, Exoplanet (Astral Spirits); and nailed the plastic pop sound of disco-era Blondie while backing singer Haley Fohr in her Jackie Lynn project. The Bajas haven’t released a full album of new music since 2017, but they’ve put their pandemic time to good use by recording new material, which is due to be released as a full-length in 2022. Your best chance to hear some of the music before then will be at this concert, their first since fall 2019. While the Bajas will play monthly concerts at the Hungry Brain from August till November, those will be specially themed shows, permitting the group to shape-shift yet again.   v