Kevin Drumm
Kevin Drumm Credit: Courtesy the artist

In 2017, Reader music critic Peter Margasak called Kevin Drumm a “restless creator who’s seriously invested in trying new things within his abstract milieu.” The Chicago tabletop guitarist and electronic musician hasn’t slowed down since then—it seems like every time Gossip Wolf visits his Bandcamp page, there’s more sublime new experimental work to download. Drumm’s herculean output means that a subscription to his Bandcamp—for $28 per year you get access to his huge back catalog as well as new music as he releases it—is an incredible bargain for longtime fans and noise-curious folks alike. Since May, Drumm has uploaded eight releases, including a collaborative set with Brent Gutzeit of TV Pow, totaling nearly three hours of music across a startlingly broad array of tones and moods. Among the most recent, Sundays features two lovely ten-minute drones for organ, piano, and voice that hang in the air like a glowing afternoon sunbeam, and Neighbors (which benefits the Anti-Cruelty Society) raises a menacing and supple rampart of electronic noise that’s sure to unsettle the neighbors.

  • Two of the eight releases Kevin Drumm has shared on Bandcamp since the beginning of May

Last time Gossip Wolf checked in with Chicago saxophonist and clarinetist Hunter Diamond, it was September 2019 and he’d just returned from a few weeks as an artist in residence at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida. He spent his time there studying composition with flutist Nicole Mitchell and recording music. On Friday, August 6, Diamond will release his debut solo album, Reflective Nostalgia, which he recorded in the ACA amphitheater—his tenor sax swerves through the ambient sounds of Florida’s outdoors, including chirping crickets and humming cicadas. Reflective Nostalgia is also the debut release from Diamond’s new anti-corporate artist-run label, Curio Records, which already has more jazz albums in the pipeline.

Chicago rapper-producer Flowurz has been releasing music for a few years, but Gossip Wolf is only now catching up—just in time for the terrific new album GULLAH. Cuts such as the dazed “444” and the syrupy “GOLD” are sure to please underground hip-hop heads.  v

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