Windhand Credit: Joey Wharton

Doing my home state proud since 2008, Virginia grungy doom quartet Windhand have just released their fourth full-length, Eternal Return (Relapse), which follows their breakout album, 2015’s Grief’s Infernal Flower. It’s their first without founding guitarist Asechiah Bogdan (also of Alabama Thunderpussy), but the band’s no-frills wall of noise fills in the void just fine, because the focal point here is singer Dorthia Cottrell, who’s been electrifying since the start—even while the band was still lurching into focus on its earliest releases. On Eternal Return, Windhand’s sharply honed sense of pacing keeps the ear eagerly following their quests, be they fuzzed-out groove riffing; clean, haunting balladry; or roiling psychedelic vehicles for Cottrell’s rich wails. It’s their hookiest album so far too, if I may use that word. Also on the bill are fellow Virginians Satan’s Satyrs, who released a split EP with Windhand earlier this year and just dropped a new album, The Lucky Ones; their retro sleaze-metal is a dirty-pleasure delight.   v