Volvox Credit: Courtesy the Artist

Thus far Discwoman’s Volvox has stuck to DJing, with none of the same production releases that fellow collective members Umfang or DJ Haram have used to make their names. Still, she’s built an unmistakable identity via her mixes. She mostly opts for straight-ahead techno that’s seemingly impenetrable up to the point at which it becomes just a bit off-kilter. And every once in a while her Berlin-style barrage opens up into something ever-so-slightly spiritual. Sometimes that transformation is explicit, as when cavernous and icy ululating vocals dot her recent Resident Advisor mix—imagine a Gregorian chant with an admixture of goth. Oftentimes, though, Volvox’s spirituality is more subtle, expressed through passages that are austere without scanning as overly conceptual. Her loyalty to the grinding punishment of industrial and EBM can be found at the harder edges of her sound, like in the confrontational middle section of her mix for Beats in Space. Volvox’s selections take strange, postmodern forms of techno and assemble them into a floating, transportive whole, dedicated to the groove in both what it symbolizes to its creator and how it moves a dance floor.   v