Warning Credit: courtesy the artist

When elegiac doom band Warning take the stage at Reggie’s Rock club on October 26, it will be their first and last time playing in Chicago. The UK-based band, which formed in 1994 and disbanded for three years in the early 00s before breaking up for good in 2009, are on a brief and final return for a number of festival appearances along with this US tour. Vocalist-guitarist Patrick Walker had been fielding reunion offers for some time, but as he recently told Revolver, this year was an “appropriate and convenient time” to reunite; his current outfit, 40 Watt Sun, had just completed their most recent album, 2016’s Wider Than the Sky. Warning will play their 2006 classic album Watching From a Distance (The Miskatonic Foundation/Svart Records) in full. It’s an album steeped in massive, church-bell-heavy riffs that underpin Walker’s mournful howls—his singing never approaches any kind of Dio-like catharsis, but rather inverts that triumphant style into a drawn-out keening. The band’s pace doesn’t rise above a contemplative tempo, which allows the listener more time to wallow in Walker’s reflective, remorseful lyrics. Fans of current doom favorites Pallbearer should take note, as the Arkansas band liberally utilizes Warning’s playbook. Warning will be supported by Louisiana/California DIY stalwarts Thou and Chicago’s own Vukari. Thou’s caustic brand of viciously political sludge/doom kills live, as anyone present at one of their many Chicago-area basement shows can attest. Thou have a new full-length, Magus (Gilead Media), on the horizon, making this a potential chance to hear new material from one of metal’s most consistently thrilling acts.   v