The three members of Lollygagger horse around on a dark street corner. Sunglasses, cigarettes, and finger guns are involved.
Lollygagger Credit: Adam Garland

Gossip Wolf has been on the record as a fan of Lollygagger since the local glam-punk goofballs dropped their debut EP, Life on Terminus, in 2018. The band followed it in 2020 with the hilarious sketch-comedy-style video album The Lollygagger Family Fun Variety Hour, but lately this wolf has hungered for something to slap on the ol’ turntable. Last month, Lollygagger obliged with Total Party Kill, released via What’s for Breakfast? and Molerat Records. It collects nine rippers on vinyl, and throughout this slab of urine-yellow wax, guitarist Matthew Muffin, bassist Kinsey Ring, and drummer Michael Sunnycide stay in piss-and-vinegar mode—they tear into rotten employers on “My Boss Is a Dick” and raise a fiery, revolutionary ruckus on “Sick Semper.” On Sunday, July 10, Lollygagger play the second day of the tenth and final DZ Fest at the DZ Records space at 8548 S. 85th Ct. in Hickory Hills. Tickets are $20 per day and available at the door.

The new Lollygagger album, Total Party Kill, was engineered by Pete Grossman (Weekend Nachos, Veil of Maya) and mixed by Sanford Parker (Voivod, Pelican).

The current free concert series presented by Theaster Gates’s Rebuild Foundation at Kenwood Gardens in Greater Grand Crossing began last month with a monumental show by spiritual-jazz master Isaiah Collier. Gossip Wolf loves outdoor shows generally, given the distressing prevalence of COVID this summer, but this series is especially noteworthy because the rest of this season’s schedule is stacked too! On Saturday, July 9, the gardens host a concert by Black chamber-music collective D-Composed; artists slated to perform over the next couple months include jazz bassist Emma Dayhuff and the Chicago Sinfonietta.

In late June, teen indie rockers Post Office Winter dropped their tender, charming second album, Music Box. On Wednesday, July 13, they celebrate by headlining the Beat Kitchen with support from some friends from the Hallogallo scene: Free Range, Sublime Jupiter Snake Duo, and Donkey Basketball.

Music Box is a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp download, and its cassette edition is up for preorders via the 9733 label.

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