I'm gonna save you a minute and just say right now that Waldo isn't in there. Credit: Illustration by Jason Wyatt Frederick


It’s become a Reader tradition for illustrator Jason Wyatt Frederick to draw detailed, immersive, and wonderfully punny cartoon overviews of the Pitchfork Music Festival for the cover of our fest-week issue. This year his illustration reflects more of the weekend’s cultural offerings: not just Pitchfork but also ComplexCon Chicago and the Silver Room Block Party. Every year I look forward to identifying the festival performers and famous Chicagoans in Frederick’s exuberant drawing almost as much as I look forward to actually attending Pitchfork.

If you also love deciphering visual puns, and if you could use tickets to Pitchfork, then you’re in luck! We’re giving away a pair of three-day general-admission passes to the festival, and for a chance to win them, all you have to do is identify as many people, things, and musical acts on the cover as you can. To enter, e-mail your list (and your full name) to pitchfork@chicagoreader.com by noon on Thursday. Familiarity with Pitchfork, ComplexCon, and the Silver Room Block Party will help, of course, but some of the stuff on the cover Jason put there just because he felt like it. Be sure to click the image above for a bigger version. (If you’re on a mobile device, this link will help you zoom in.)

That deadline again is noon on Thursday, July 18. The winner is whoever correctly identifies the largest number of people, places, and things–and bear in mind that in most cases you won’t get credit for anything as generic as pointing out the clouds in the sky or the sidewalk on the ground. The cost of GA passes rises to $200 on Tuesday, so if you win you’ll save $400. Good luck!  v