Credit: Keith Herzig

Demonic dwarf Glenn Danzig turned 55 this year. He’s almost older than Satan! The li’l guy was perusing the stock at the Wicker Park Reckless before his Congress Theater gig on Sunday, and according to sharp-eyed fellow shoppers, Mr. Tell Your Children Not to Walk My Way bought records by Rick James and the New York Dolls—perhaps taking style notes on how to really rock some platform boots?

Last week in Gossip Wolf, departing Sybris drummer Eric Mahle said he wasn’t sure whether the group would replace him and carry on. His former bandmates have cleared that up: “Sybris is alive and well. We’ll be continuing to write and work on our new record while we look for a new drummer,” they told GW via Twitter. “We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.” Mahle’s last show with the band is December 13 at the Bottle.

Over the past few months, nouveau pop princess MNDR (nee Amanda Warner) has been sprinkled with holy water by the likes of the Fader and Pitchfork, and she’s fresh off a tour with DJ and producer Mark Ronson—she duets with Q-Tip on “Bang Bang Bang,” from Ronson’s new LP, Record Collection. This winter Warner is parking it in the Chi-boogie; she tells Gossip Wolf she plans to spend January here. She’ll be shopping for vowels on Craigslist and putting together a touring band of her “favorite Chicago musicians,” and though she wouldn’t say exactly who those musicians might be, GW is imagining a long-awaited supergroup of Green Velvet, Richard Marx, and the rhythm section from the Effigies.

Speaking of underemployed local musicians, drummer Jimmy Chamberlin of Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan fame (Gossip Wolf acknowledges that “Zwan fame” is probably an overstatement) launched and quickly unlaunched a new trio, This, early last week. The band dropped a six-song EP, Great Civilizations, on November 1 via Amazon and iTunes, then pulled it before the end of the next day—in part, according to the blog Hipsters United, because they’d decided to reconsider their name. Really? It took them how long to realize that “This” is virtually impossible to Google? Also on November 1, Chamberlin’s former boss Billy Corgan appeared on the syndicated radio call-in show Rockline, where he attempted to explain the longtime collaborators’ 2009 split: “You know, not all band members live in reality. And I live in reality.” Gossip Wolf thinks this is totally debatable.

Last week local black-metal duo Cult of Daath released a demo tape through respected below-underground bullet-belt label Nuclear War Now! The five-song cassette, Doomed by the Witch, is the Cult’s first new recording since 2005’s Slit Throats and Ritual Nights.

Former Braid bros Bob Nanna and Chris Broach are taking a short hiatus from Shield Your Eyes, their Wednesday-night emo DJ gig at Bar DeVille. On December 15 they’ll restart it at the same venue as a monthly event, in hopes it’ll have a better draw when their crowd isn’t split four ways. Only so many people prefer to hear Sidekick Kato seven-inches outside their homes.

Ambient-electronic producer and composer Benn Jordan, aka the Flashbulb, returns to Chicago from a visit to Georgia—where he attended the wedding of collaborator Richard Devine and went hiking in the Appalachians, which he denies is a euphemism for visiting his mistress in Argentina—to play a one-off at the Abbey Pub on November 26. Jordan has bought a coach house in Bridgeport and is in the process of moving his studio into it. He’s working on a new album and says he plans to spend the winter focusing on “jazz composition” (among other things), which he also denies is a euphemism.

Local dudes Andrew Nicolaou, the studio manager at Chicago Mastering Service, and Mitch Bandur, who works in sales at Drag City, care not that the record industry is on the skids—they’ve just started a label called Slow Fizz Records. Their debut release: a self-titled LP from Chicago’s own Tyler Jon Tyler, which hit stores last week. Slow Fizz tells Gossip Wolf that the next record down the pike is from “a prominent member of a legendary band that recently played a couple shows in Chicago for the first time in 15-plus years.” Damn all this coyness, people—Tim Kinsella’s rap album is everyone’s business!