Container Credit: Lucy Venn

 Ren Schofield has been making deranged sounds for years in projects such as noise-rock outfit Gang Wizard and challenging electronic collective Form a Log. With his solo project, Container, the Providence musician is able to fuse all of his past artistic identities into one. Existing at the crossroads of techno and noise, Container is a simple, streamlined project in which Schofield lays out four-on-the-floor electronic beats and pairs them with twisted, circuit-bent synth pulses and washes. On this summer’s LP (the fourth Container full-length to be titled as such, all of which have been released by Spectrum Spools), Schofield’s frill-less, fried compositions are completely mind-bending despite their minimalism; the topsy-turvy, off-kilter sounds that accent the grooves provide an all-out weirdness, and a beyond-harsh power-electronics lean creeps into every song. It’s the type of dance music that’s equally at home played in a club or at a warehouse noise show.   v