Power Trip Credit: Courtesy Grand Stand HQ

Power Trip have long produced crossover thrash for the tattered, sleeveless Cro-Mags T-shirt wearer in all of us—and with their recent sophomore album, the Dallas dudes prove it. Since its release in February, Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord) has been universally regarded as a triumph of dystopic metal, a record that has brought together all adrenaline junkies who require a little grime and sweat in their riffs. Its core message is that the world is a few nudges away from resembling a scorched and abandoned industrial compound, with track titles like “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)” and “Waiting Around to Die” playing into that mantra. The latter also offers a gruff couplet from front man Riley Gale, “You say the future is yours / I say your future is filled with rot,” but beyond lyrics, the song’s heaving, piledriving rhythms and gnawing, wailing guitars spell out the real doom. With assistance from metal-production savant Arthur Rizk, Power Trip glean the tone of pioneering 80s crossover bands like Exodus and Anthrax without ever aping their strut. Nightmare Logic is as fresh as anguish gets, and if a better metal record has been released in 2017, I haven’t found it.   v