Mourn Credit: Noemí Elías

Sure, finding the sweet spot between dark postpunk, triumphant indie rock, sweeping posthardcore, and fierce hardcore punk seems easy, but young Spanish quartet Mourn do it with impressive poise. Their new full-length, Sorpresa Familia (Captured Tracks), is the most spirited record they’ve released to date. No doubt some of that comes from having just recently shaken themselves free of a legal bind in which their old Spanish label, Sones, was attempting to recoup money by halting the bands’ advances and royalties. Sorpresa actually comments a good bit on the tension created by that rift, and even though the record has plenty of upbeat poppy moments stitched together by angular, tinny riffs—“Fun at the Geysers” being a good example—there’s a nice “fuck off” vibe that gives the record a very welcome edge. Where Ha, Ha, He! (2016) is a much more raw and occasionally solemn record, Sorpresa is crisp and colorful—and the band is better for it. Whatever the torment was from which Mourn had to wrestle themselves free, they’ve definitely emerged sounding stronger and more self-assured.   v