Though reckless garage-rock foursome Heavy Times weathered several mutations, one consistent component of the band was the subtle, yet heady hooks in underrated frontman Bo Hansen’s songwriting. A second was his charming, cynical onstage banter. Luckily, with his newest venture, Ethers, both of these qualities remain firmly intact. More solemn and dare I say reflective than Hansen’s previous projects, Ethers is filled out by organ and backing vocals from Mary McKane (Outer Minds, Runnies) and steady bass courtesy of Russ Calderwood (Heavy Times, Runnies, and also McKane’s husband). Ostensibly it’s a local rock group made up of friends and former bandmates—stop me if you’ve heard that story before—but it’s also a testament to how simplicity and the familiarity of working with a group of collaborators over a stretch of time can eventually lead to catching lightning in a bottle. The stark melodies of “Something,” one of two demo tracks the band currently has available, drift with such a pleasant, lazy lo-fi ease that when McKane and Hansen hit their vocal stride together during the chorus it has unexpected resonance. Ethers just finished recording their debut full-length with Dave Vettraino at Jamdeck Recording Studio, and it’s expected to be released via local can’t-miss Trouble in Mind in the late summer or early fall.   v