Wizard Apprentice Credit: Courtesy the Artist

What we think of as “folk music” is generally played on traditional acoustic instruments, but as technology weaves itself ever more inextricably into human lives, electronics have become as much “of the people” as fiddles or nylon-string guitars—maybe even more so. Producer, performer, and multimedia artist Tieraney Carter (who runs the video blog URL GURL) calls herself a “digital folk artist,” and the eclectic music she creates as Wizard Apprentice uses lo-fi electronics, looping pedals, and clean, melodic vocals. Her atmospheric tunes are intimate and accessible, not just in their content but in the means of their creation: she writes introspective, relatable lyrics and prefers user-friendly technologies that practically anyone could pick up. On her recent EP I Am Invisible, Carter ponders the freedoms that come with going unnoticed, the complexities of accountability and forgiveness in a romantic relationship, and the daydreams we indulge in about future lives with our crushes before we even know how they feel about us. Anyone who’s ever gotten lost in her thoughts is susceptible to Wizard Apprentice’s idiosyncratic charm.   v