Wovenhand Credit: Courtesy the Artist

If you’ve never experienced Wovenhand live, I highly recommend taking this opportunity to remedy that. This Colorado-based roots-rock quartet, fronted by singer-songwriter David Eugene Edwards (who previously led the singularly great country-gothic roots-rock band 16 Horsepower), play with a tent-revival fervor that’ll have your hair standing on end—you’ll be ready to believe Edwards just got done hallucinating in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. Mysterious to the last, they play their cards close to their chest, but they’ve nearly finished their ninth studio album, the follow-up to 2016’s Star Treatment (a short video posted to Facebook hints at something spectacular), and they’ll preview new material on this tour. Also on the bill are rising Louisville stars Jaye Jayle, who make visionary Americana with strains of trippy minimalism. Front man Evan Patterson (also of Young Widows) lends his dark, intimate vocals to eerily gothic songs with elements of space rock and drone. Their newly released “Soline,” an outtake from the sessions for last year’s No Trail and Other Unholy Paths, is a thing of beauty—part shoegaze trance and part crooned incantation, it evokes the tender side of David Lynch.   v