Xiu Xiu Credit: courtesy the artist

As groundbreaking and fascinating as the television show Twin Peaks was when it ran in the 90s (and was again during its recent resurrection), it’s doubtful that the David Lynch-directed surrealistic murder drama would have reached its iconic status without its drop-dead-gorgeous soundtrack. The sparse, mesmerizing opening sequence, a collaboration between the chilly cool compositions of Angelo Badalamenti and the breathy innocence of singer Julee Cruise, set the atmosphere of the sinister Washington logging town from the very beginning. In the show’s later incarnation, Lynch gave his own music fandom full throttle, ending every episode with an up-and-coming band in a roadhouse, playing a song in the eerie-but-cozy retro style he loves (with the exception of that one episode with Nine Inch Nails). You can’t improve on Lynch’s concept, but you can play with it, explore it, and revel in the music as its own entity. Iconic noise-pop group Xiu Xiu started doing so in 2016, originally as a commission for the Australian Gallery of Art’s David Lynch exhibit. Their interpretation picks the tunes apart and fearlessly and joyously reassembles them, and though the songs remain instantly recognizable, value has definitely been added in the remix. Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks was released by Polyvinyl as a Record Store Day exclusive in 2016. As for why they’re touring it now, well, that should be obvious: since Lynch has reimagined his own creation for the screen, the timing is right to appreciate Xiu Xiu’s reimagining as well.   v