Yautja Credit: Chappy Hull

Nashville metal trio Yautja are a great example of how the old adage “less is more” doesn’t always apply. For ten years now, these three dudes—whose band name is also the species name of the fictional extraterrestrial hunters in the Predator franchise—have been throwing everything into their maximalist music, and getting better and better results. Every song Yautja creates is likely to contain a dizzying mix of bombastic sludge, furious hardcore, brutal grind, and nauseating noise rock. On The Lurch, the band’s second full-length and first for Relapse, Yautja hone and perfect their craft—they keep their “more is more” spirit alive, but they also make every part, transition, and lead stand out on its own. Engineer Scott Evans gave the album a wall-to-wall production job at Chicago noise-rock haven Electrical Audio, so that for the first time Yautja have a sound massive enough to match their giant riffs. The Lurch doesn’t let up once across its nine tracks—it’s all guttural vocals, mind-bending drumming, and nasty, noisy guitars, without a second of relief. This is extremist metal made by one of the most brutal bands out there today.   v