Baroness Credit: Courtesy the artist

Savannah metal band Baroness have named all their albums after colors, which before you even press play can evoke a sort of psychedelic synaesthesia and prepare your mind for what it’s about to receive. Led by guitarist and vocalist John Dyer Baizley, who’s also unquestionably one of the greatest album-cover and poster artists of his generation, the band have undergone a few lineup changes since experiencing a devastating tour-bus accident in 2012—nothing Baroness do is won easily, and Baizley needed extensive physical therapy before he could play guitar again. In 2019 the band’s current incarnation, in which Baizley is joined by guitarist Gina Gleason, bassist Nick Jost, and drummer Sebastian Thomson, released Gold & Grey, a complex, challenging record that incorporates prog, space rock, and psychedelia into an elaborate wave of energy. Lovely spiraling riffs give heft to lyrics about love and doomed hope on songs such as “Broken Halo,” while trippy soft intros set up flawless hard-rock anthems like “Tourniquet.” Baroness pay close attention to pacing, which enhances the album’s many great moments: for every fast-fingered run (on “Throw Me an Anchor,” for instance) there are several quiet and intricate stretches. Moody and experimental, Gold & Grey rewards listeners who have the patience to appreciate delayed gratifications such as the subtle beauty of “Emmett—Radiating Light.” In a special thank-you to their fans, Baroness have invited ticket holders to vote on the set lists for their first tour since the start of the pandemic, which they have dubbed Your Baroness (every attendee will also receive a signed poster, and each city on the itinerary gets its own unique design). So you can expect this show at Cobra Lounge to feature an individualized mix of greatest hits and deep cuts from throughout their career. To help tide fans over while concerts were sidelined by the pandemic, in November 2020 the band released a limited-edition vinyl version of Live at Maida Vale—Vol. II, which consists of live versions of five Gold & Grey tunes from a BBC session. If you think Baroness are about due to put out another album of new material, you’re right; according to an interview with MetalSucks last year, they’ve stockpiled more than enough songs. Maybe they’ll sneak one of them into this show.

Baroness Wed 12/1, 8 PM, Cobra Lounge, 235 N. Ashland, sold out, 17+