Lost: Thousands of books from Sulzer Library; Found: One Book, One Chicago II

Lost: $123 million from the city budget; Found: Tax cuts and other incentives for Boeing

Lost: Bozo the Clown; Found: Vallas the Candidate

Lost: Illusions of invincibility; Found: Other forms of anthrax

Lost: Dick Cheney; Found: Dick Cheney

Lost: Kyoto accord on greenhouse gases; Found: Peanut butter and jelly–without the bread!

Lost: 1,000 aliens detained for questioning; Found: Torture survivors in Uptown

Lost: “All That Zazz”; Found: All That Roeper

Lost:Protests against the G-8 nations; Found: The Real World: The Protesters

Lost:United Airlines CEO James Goodwin; Found: The not-so-friendly skies

Lost: American Red Cross CEO Dr. Bernadine Healy; Found: Homemade charity pie

Lost: Maxwell Street Market; Found: American flags

Lost: Gerri’s Palm Tavern; Found: Isaac Hayes Music-Food-Passion

Lost: Patients’ Bill of Rights; Found: $300 individual tax refund

Lost: Dick Cheney; Found: Dick Cheney

Lost: George Ryan’s second term; Found: A solution for death-penalty errors

Lost: Kids’ donation letters to Afghan children; Found: How to win friends in the war on terror

Lost: Bill Daley’s run for governor; Found: Rich Daley’s vision

Lost: 30,000-plus airline jobs; Found: Airport security

Lost: Truth in advertising; Found: Billions in corporate tax breaks

Lost: Neighborhood housing activist Gale Cincotta; Found: Seven new towers in River North, each over 50 stories high

Lost: Freedom from fear; Found: The Office of Homeland Security

Lost: Optimistic economic forecasts; Found: The “Clinton recession”

Lost: The Taliban; Found: The American Taliban

Lost: Weldon’s integrity; Found: Franzen’s replacements

Lost: The XFL; Found: Lefty trading cards

Lost: “Pardongate”; Found: Terror sex

Lost: Buddha statues at Bamiyan; Found: Patriotic ads

Lost: The federal surplus; Found: 2001: The letdown

Lost: Mullah Omar; Found: The Mullet

Lost: Rush Limbaugh’s hearing; Found: Peotone’s new airport

Lost: Peace and prosperity; Found: Bombs over Old Town

Lost: Democratic elections (after Supreme Court ruling); Found: E-mail warmongering

Lost: 800,000 jobs since 9/11; Found: Our biggest ally

Lost: Great Expectations bookstore; Found: E-books

Lost: Lousy roommates; Found: The joy of living alone

Lost: Dick Cheney; Found: Dick Cheney

Lost: Public criticism of U.S. foreign policy; Found: Private conversations overheard by multitudes

Lost: Contracts for Chicago police and firemen; Found: Thousands of heroic, selfless acts