The Lake County Forest Preserve must be magicians if they can put all that cement and steel into a 90-acre field that is now home to many wild creatures and not disturb the wildlife. The most prominent are the threatened sandhill cranes. In 2004 the IDNR [Illinois Department of Natural Resources] recommended they shut down a model airplane field that was harassing the cranes in their primary feeding ground, the west cornfield. This spring another pair was documented in the east cornfield in a small wetland. This wetland has orange LCFP markers protecting it as a wetland. This is exactly where they want to put the 15,000-seat stadium, an indoor stadium and warm-up arenas [“Nay They Say” by Ben Joravsky, July 6]. This wetland will have to be filled in in order to accomplish this.

Besides the wildlife, this area has no parking, poor transportation to any major freeway, to airports, few restaurants, motels, close neighbors to contend with. The infrastructure will cost the taxpayer a lot of money.

The problems to overcome are tremendous. On July 12 the LCFP was given a letter that offered a solution to all these problems and would reduce the cost to taxpayers to almost nothing compared to extending 53 north. Tim Smith who owns land near Tempel Farms would like to “donate or sell” part of his property so the equestrian facilities could be built there. You could not dream up a better place to put this venue, yet the LCFP finance committee flatly turned down the offer.

I think Bonnie Carter needs to hold an open house and explain to the taxpayers why they would not even entertain such an offer. Also to show us the plan how they will transform this wildlife area into this huge equestrian center and not bother the wildlife.

To see a map of the venue or the Tim Smith offer go to or

Roy Davis