Pete [Margasak]–

On our “new music” station, CFNY in Toronto, it was reported how you trashed the Tragically Hip [Spot Check, March 31], our national heroes. Our national export to the music scene of the world.

A lot of people just probably passed off what you had to say, seeing where and who it was coming from. When you slammed “the Hip,” you slammed Canada. I can forgive ya, but if you’re going to review any more bands, keep your fuckin’ head out of the crack pipe, you asshole. When you and your city can be on the map for something other than guns, child molesters, crackheads and a stinkin’ hockey team, then you can slam the Hip and Canada.

Do hope some well-hung crackhead sticks a gun up your ass and blows some brains into you.


Niagara Falls, Canada