Thanks for the article on Marc Foster, nee Steve Friess [Our Town, May 12]. The frenzied reaction of radical gays to Foster’s column is one more example (as if another were needed) of how the Left continues to portray itself as the champion of acceptance and diversity while demanding dogmatic conformity from all who may hold a worldview or agenda different from their own. In their intolerance of dissent, these angry “outers” perfectly mirror the middle-class conformity ethic by which they imagine themselves to be oppressed. “Think as I do and live as I do, or you’re shit” is the sum of their philosophy.

It is greatly to the credit of Gay Chicago’s editors that they continue to give Foster a column despite what must be extraordinary pressures to close him down, given the Left’s fondness for censorship.

To Foster, I say keep writing, live by your own lights, and don’t buy into their crap. No, you are not a sexist for calling one woman a bitch. Using the appropriate epithet for an individual is not the same as vilifying an entire gender, much as the radicals would like to pretend otherwise. Yes, Virginia, there are bitches, and they aren’t all female!

In closing, this contented, nonconfrontational, suburban gay asks that you withhold his name, if only because that’s what the radicals hate most. Gnash your teeth, darlings!

Name withheld