Read with interest your article [Hot Type, April 22]. As a 48-year-old PhD, business owner, white male father of five, I don’t believe much coming out of the dominant media. The NY Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, LA Times, Wash Post, CNN et al are all the same and biased against my beliefs and concerns.

I receive my news from alternative sources, from the Internet, Wall Street Journal (subscriber), and some local papers. Yes, I do watch Fox sometimes and listen to Rush when I have the time. Call me an alpha male who votes always and is very opinionated and involved in local and national politics. Might I add that I am a Christian Messianic Jewish Pentecostal Believer in Yeshua who takes his faith extremely serious. We are teaching our five children to be informed, independent thinkers who don’t go with the herd mentality of our popular culture. We could care less what happens in Hollywood or New York or what those type of people think of us. We will outlive them and outvote them and we are the new majority!!!

Sweet dreams,

Harold W. Gilstrap, PhD

Chief Celebration Officer