The fact that Aaron Samuels didn’t reference the name/date/info for this supposed foie gras study is fascinating [“In Defense of Foie Gras,” Letters, July 6]. Did I say fascinating? I meant predictable, since I can’t find any info online about it. Please let us know if you are able to dig up anything on these diligent scientists who took it upon themselves to walk around a farm and try to ascertain whether or not animals mind being force-fed.

I especially liked the part where he claims that animal rights videos depicting the overfeeding practices are “mean-spirited.” Indeed, animals rights groups are always running out of subject matter in regard to abuses committed against animals, so it was just a matter of time before they had to start staging mean-spirited videos showing overfeeding to seem worse than it is. They probably had some Pixar people come in and whip up some CGI just to make it seem “cruel.”

I think the cherry on top for his whole letter had to be that last paragraph where he handed over the pen to his eighth-grade brother to let him try his hand at barely formed logic and conscience reasoning to come to the mind-numbingly adolescent conclusion that if people against foie gras have the right to not eat it, then people who don’t care about animals being abused have the right to eat it.

Well done, Aaron, and well done Aaron’s little brother. Keep up fine writing like this and you could someday write for Wassup! magazine.

Matty McEwen